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Patagon Latin America has been working in shipping containers business all over the world.
​Besides sell, buy and rent shipping containers we have been developing global commerce business dealing with international companies and projects such as:
  • Freight forwarders

  • Leasing purchase container projects

  • Buyback shipping containers operations

  • Moving one-way containers under shipper owned container

  • Sale and leaseback shipping containers

  • Shipping containers Long term agreement contract

  • Shipping containers nationalization in many countries

Sell, Buy & Rent Shipping Containers ISO in Latin America

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The shipping containers ISO is related to the global commerce industry moving goods through the ships between countries in all continents.
We have strong presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador
We have been doing international business between US and Mexico moving shipping containers with goods through the golf of Mexico.
We do have strong partners in Europe (Germany) and China

Official partner of CHS Container Handel

Oficina central (Headquarter)

Catamarca 2948 - Martínez (B1640FVR) - Buenos Aires

CHS Container Handel Germany

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